Terms & Conditions

This information outlines the benefits and service available as part of the National Roadside Assist Standard Plan. This plan is not an insurance contract, vehicle extended warranty contract, personal injury contract nor is it voidable or refundable. In cases of mechanical breakdown, National Roadside Assist requires that there be no fault on the part of the owner/driver for the vehicle failure. Costs of mechanical repairs and maintenance, unless covered by a separate warranty are the responsibility of the owner (subject to applicable legislation). NRA reserves the right to amend or withdraw service where utilisation is excessive due to lack of preventative maintenance or failure to rectify any recurring fault. NRA reserve the right to change, or terminate the conditions of its Roadside Assist program at its discretion, at any time. Customers who claim this policy must have their vehicle registered under the National Roadside Assistance program for a minimum of 48 hours prior to claim, or fees and charges will apply.


  1. Roadside Response Simply call our Freecall number and speak to our friendly operator 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We will assist with flat tyres, flat batteries, out of fuel (5ltr top-up at driver's cost), even lock-outs up to $77.
  2. Towing Breakdown If you break down and your car is unable to be safely driven, we will transport you and your vehicle back to an NRA Dealership within 50km.
  3. Car Hire & Accommodation In the event of a major vehicle breakdown more than 100km from your registered residence (which sidelines your vehicle for more than 48hrs) we will assist you with reimbursement of up to $400 for accommodation and car hire costs. (Excludes fuel, km charges, administration charges, rental insurance/cover excess reduction, one-way drop off/collection fees, meals).
  4. Ambulance Cover In the event of an accident where the registered vehicle is involved, and the driver or passengers require the services of an ambulance as a result of that accident, we will assist with ambulance cost up to $400.
  5. Limits of Cover Towing fee is free up to 50km, any towing in excess will be charged at prevailing rates. An excess may apply to areas that are more than 50km from the nearest provider.

Service Exclusions and Limitations

NRA reserves the right to withdraw service where use is excessive due to lack of regular maintenance or the failure to rectify any ongoing fault.

Any roadside assistance services that you may require within the first 48 hours after registration will be at your own expense.

The roadside assistance membership is valid for the vehicle, not just for the person who owns the car. This means that all family members will be covered for the unexpected when they are driving the vehicle as well.

An excess will apply to tows more than your coverage limits. Quotes for the excess can be provided upon request at the time of the call for assistance.


At National Roadside Assist we consider the security of our customer's personal information as an important and necessary factor in responsible management of our data. We therefore take all reasonable steps to ensure that our customer's information is kept secure from misuse, unauthorised access, modification, loss or disclosure. We will only disclose a customer's personal information to fulfil our obligations in respect of the provision of services. The information contained in this document was correct at time of issue and is subject to change without prior notice.

National Roadside Assist Pty Ltd reserves the right to amend its "Exclusions and limitations" of policies without prior notice.